Monday, August 10, 2009


LIFE IS A GAMBLE - who came up with that one?

If there is an establishment able to cure lottery addiction I'd certainly drag Mr Vai through the door. True, like many men out there my Mr Vai can't seem to have enough of attempt buying with the hope of winning the 4D Magnum, countless TOTO and the forever 'so close to hit'
CASHSWEEP. While I don't understand the 'permutation' concept, he is always well versed on the terms and concepts.

Yes he's overseas now, but that doesn't stop him from buying in any sense if he wants to. He got his friend on-call with debit account to my knowledge and annoyance. And there's online gaming. This is when technology does the dirty deed. But I'm glad anyhow, he IS slowing down on betting games. Guess all the money down the drain isn't as much an investment he once sees it as. Never winning can dampen any player's spirit 'eh?

Back to the topic, what is the ODD of ever winning lottery? After doing my 2 hours research on the net I wouldn't want to dish out exact figure because I thought the numbers are really made-up most of the time, but take the figures as nearly correct. However after 2 grueling hours enslaving my eyeballs in front of the pc, I think buying big or buying small doesn't make the whole investment its worth. If you are cursed to always have a black cat somewhere around your universe or your line where you are queing is always slower, chances of winning will be very LOW. Yeah...luck plays MAJOR role in winning.

Speaking of odds;

Mega TOTO 6/52 may well be said at 1:20,358,520

TOTO Jackpot 6/49 in another hand is 1:13,983,816

And the craziest mind-bogging part will be 4D
- to have all possible numbers between 0000 to 9999 you will have to spend RM10K. That is to win FIRST prize down to consolations. Is this a mega-permutation?

Oh My God!!! Why did I do that research? Now Mr Vai will think RM10K is worth investing. Blame the www again! I can't resist it. My mom is more of an addict than my dad.

And how do we live with all our extra spending every 3 draws a week plus 2 or 3 random special draws? How do we allow complaining on food price hike-up and turn a blind eye to our vast 'investment'? Is our car number really lucky? Is there really a trend in numbers that wins?

OK or forgive me on that bad luck remark just now, is it possible karma will interfere in such way that a world-beaten fellow usually wins the dough? How about the first time punters? Ever, I heard a first-timer who bought RM5 of 6D received a sum of RM500,00. How unfair is that?

Now I believe I made the point. It doesn't matter how much tou buy, it is how lucky you are. Unless of course, if you are a statistics freak who believes in probabilities. And unless if you happen to be dreaming of Choy Sun Doa or your right palm itches then it is wise to consider investing!

Seriously... Can I annoy you more?

-written by a disturbed mind-

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APAIJOJO said...

rather than being a disturbed mind... why not u try ur luck. If u cannot beat them, u join them lo