Tuesday, July 27, 2010

From 25222

Dear customer, you have exceeded the 5GB/mth usage (Celcom FUP). Pls purchase additional volume or we reserve the right to control yr broadband speeds. TQ

pernahkah you all dapat mesej bunyi macam ni? walhal aku guna pakej rm98 yo! kalau nak berlimit haramjadah bagus aku guna streamyx. F*CK you celcom, i thought broadband is mobility and it is gonna be cheaper after the national broadband coverage campaign but the 5GB thing just sucks.

bah! aku nak marah2 dulu, komen pengalaman anda.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ANAK AKU DAH TAU *&%@#$#$%$%^^

ye sedara dan sedari anak aku dah pandai mengarut.. as a mom aku rasa nak spank anak aku tapi she's so adorable so sabar je lah bukan dia faham pun. and I have to accept bad words comes first, well at least she's making sentences. OK dah tengah malam aku ringkaskan cerita.

Situasi 1 ;
me - Joy come pasang pampers
Joy - ngai, ngegeh, piiirah! [blame MrVai, he tought her]

#ngai = don't want
ngegeh = terhegeh-hegeh, mengada-ngada, kenja kata kita nak?

Situasi 2 ;
me - time for nap, come.
Joy - piyo?
me - go find your piyo.
Joy - weyuput? [where you put?]

Situasi 3 ;
me - mommy go work ok Joy stay home, don't be naughty k sayang.
Joy - Jojoy fowo?

Situasi 4 ;
she'd been napping, wake up, and look for me.
- where mommy? mami ja [kerja]...
hearing that I feel so kasihan.

SO kepada yang single, enjoy la rehat puas2, melancong, dah ada anak they're very demanding. you barely have time for yourself. GOODNIGHT fellas. Love ya'll.

Friday, July 16, 2010


ermmm...nothing much, busy mothering, busy working and mostly back to reading. But now as of right now I'm indulging YouTube.

OK see there? Right next to the lattest post is Kamus Anak-Anak. Since I can't really put my fingers on their daily diary, I keep up with the kids lingo. It's fun trying to get what they say and frustrating when they are jumping and crying but you can't seem to understand. My most recent headscratching time was yesterday. Mr Vai was nice doing us lunch and one of the dish is stalky and leafy choy sum fried with egg, then little Joy suddenly shouted ' I wan jujuk!!!'. I tried to ask her what jujuk is but she kept on saying jujuk again and again while pointing towards the dining table. Mr Vai came to rescue when he simply lift her up and make her point to the exact jujuk. Apparently to her, jujuk means the juicy stalk part or if it is today's case it also applies to long beans. There you go problem solved, all the way being mother I couldn't have missed that skill. So now I'm keeping roll on her daily new words and for you guys to read too.

have a nice day, and enjoy it!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Toe Curling Footie Orgasm

Oh yeah you got that right.

I slept at 6 a.m today with a huge smile fixed on or rather pasted on my lips. I drifted into sleep dreaming of Iker Casillas and Raul Gonzalez (ok I know he's not in the game) having fun going around town. Iker Casillas in particular had been my huge crush since 2002 World Cup. And oh....oh....I still keep the play card--teenage at heart oh yes. He is GORGEOUS OMG_ok now I'm flat on spasm. I so envy his girlfriend, what a lucky girl. His reputation is indeed impressive. Iniesta might have scored the winning goal, but Casillas saved so many tries and that means more. Go google him yourself I can't keep ogling over him all day, MrVai well might ask for a divorce. Raul on the other hand, simply is a magician on the field toying around with his crystal ball. AND THEY ARE SPANISH! What female human being wouldn't go ga-ga over their romantic eyes, thick brow and so oh handsome total package.

I always enjoyed watching Spain game, you can feel their passion. Surely I like Germany too, they are full of tactics. But Spainiards are different, unlike other games you can hear the commentators talking about their passings, fouls, missed penalties and oh yeah the common offsides. Spain game, you get that too. But do notice that the talking guys will too reason the act. You hear them praising the team spirit, the quick pick-ups, the recovery from failed trials and so on. My inside felt churned and it was just similar with the butterflies you get when waiting for the first date. Despite the size, they have quick strategy and while their movement was always baricaded by 3-4 giant Oranjes the Spainiards always manage to sneak around them.

Back to this morning, I was loud and MrVai wanted to make me watch the game with PaInLaw@ his dad. I kept on fidgeting and oh-oh-oh-ing all the way through the game while he gave me the weird look. If it wasn't footie season people might think that we're having a wild sex. Haha. But hey I'm the stadium type so sitting in front of the TV simply is a downgrade of enjoyment.

Cut it short, watching the Spain game is like sending them off to war. They play the games with their heart. I noticed the Queen Sofia of Spain was there to lend her support, and my-my that really impressed me. Hm...imagine Malaysian King up there, we'd have to perform the ampun Tuanku stuff. Errh...

So have a nice evening, I'd be off feeling like I'm falling in love. Perhaps this will wear out in a week. Bye.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Saturday, July 3, 2010