Tuesday, November 30, 2010

KACHH....Ko Ada???

Hi. Long time no news. Maybe busy or just simply lazy, hehe...

Right now I feel OLD. By that I mean verrrry old. I'm sure all of us ever had the experience of watching your nephews and nieces grow up from diapers clad to skinny jeans age. I have my fair share, my dad has 6 grandsons and 4 girlfriends. Other than that my main family tree are very close so my first cousins kids are practically my own 'fruity children' too.

I remember this girl as an ever cute and adorable one. Her dad is my big cousin, we are always close at heart I can really call him my own brother. She's the first-born, her mom and dad are good-looking people (well, it runs in the family). Her mum was a kumang and her dad can cause butterfly fluttering in your belly. Very short, stands at 5 feet tall, a very petite figure with a very sweet complexion. When she was little, I'd put her on my lap which I doubt I can still do. Love to hug and smell her until the time when she no longer follows her parents to visit. When kids grow up, we tend to miss their presence, they go their own ways until one fine day you realise they became adult.

At this moment I'm very proud of her, very driven and determined. A very strong and confident young woman. My hope is for her to succeed in whatever she does in her life. I want all the best things to happen to her, let her live the dream life I wanted for myself so that one day I can tell my daughter 'look at kakak Tasha, she made it'. So world, I'm damn proud of my niece, Natasha Charmaine Rickson. She recently won the Miss Borneo Beautiful 2010 pageant. Against all odds, being short and all, she is a jewel sparkling brightly.

So there friends, you know why I'm so silent lately, the growing kids made me emo. My girl growing up and my niece grown up---duh. I feel old... I feel old... Maybe I AM OLD.

Now enough... lets see her so many pix I pinyam from her FB.