Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Having a daughter is a blessing to me,much more pleasure than pain I felt the day I gave birth to her. And now seeing her grow up and learning everyday gives me sheer happiness and joy.

Today I was preparing breakfast for my 8 months-old baby and my husband was getting ready to go to work. She suddenly went running in her walker towards daddy,raised her arm and started to twirl her wrist as if she was gesturing bye-bye. My husband saw her and went extatic they went waving back at each other over and over.

Had you spent a small sum of time,looking around for a moment of instant happiness and a moment to cherish forever. Just a moment of joy to cheer up the whole day.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Shalom dear people.

How is your life now? Is it good,just fine or boring? Do you greet everybody in your house good morning? Had you ever made that a practice? Have you had a fight with your partner lately you don't kiss them good night anymore? Don't you feel that your life is missing the spice it felt bland? Do you wish that even if you fight your partner would still give you a forceful peck on your cheek so you can smile? Wish he still ask your time for a romantic chat instead of hanging out with his friends or busy googling away?

When conflict comes up like it always does,there must be a reason for it to happen. We are always tempted to speak out and most of the time we speak through our heart. Emotional outburst is always intolerable to man. They don't understand why we overreact in certain issues. Women do multitasks,the same thing goes to our brain. When a problem arise,we immediately began mentally listing the cause,party involved,how big is the damage and so on.

Men go find something else to do,smoke,talk to others and seemingly untroubled by the problem.

Argument,women call it discussion while man still call it 'argument'. We want a solution they want a way out. We demand respond but they run away. And while we cry our heart out,they go call their friend and talk merrily. We expect apology,they think it is unnecessary. So now it seem like we are the one who caused the problem. We feel bad about our self for uncleverly creating a scene. Is it really our fault?

When it comes to confronting men,we do need strategy. Take time to cool down and find the right moment to come up with the issue again. If they start a cold war with us,take it easy and do it their way. I came upon a story about a couple who's had a terrible fight the night before they refuse to speak a word to each other. Instead,they write notes and put it anywhere their partner can see. So that night the husband wrote a note and put it on his wife's pillow saying,"Wake me up at 5 a.m tomorrow,I have an important meeting to attend."

When he wake up the next morning the sun is already shining brightly and the clock shows the time at 8 a.m. The husband went ballistic and was about to launch a verbal fight with his wife when he saw a neatly written note put on his wife's side on the bed reading,"Wake up dear,you have an important meeting to attend."

Men are so not up to it.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy new year to you.

It's 2009 already and yes,we are older and perhaps wiser. For some people new year is just another set of calendar but to me it's a chance to repair mangled relationship,polishing ourselves,starting on a new project and so on... In short I see new year as a whole new book ready to be scribbled on,making flow chart of your intended activity for the rest of the year.

So how do we start fresh for new year when the past is still pulling and holding us back? Well,we need some determination to move on and enough ignorance not to let the past year's flaw affecting our new year resolution. Some incident might be ugly to remember so forget it. If it happens again find a better approach to solve it. And do forgive,though maybe hard to forget.

If ever there is a chance to improve yourself,never hesitate,grab it. Love yourself,love the people around you. When somebody decided to become your enemy,laugh at it and call them friend. There will be temptation,pull enough courage to resist. When it comes to making a decision take time to analyze,rely on your rational thinking where your heart goes emotional. Make yourself a stronger person,think positively most of the time but never forget the world isn't Heaven.

For those who have conflict inside yourself,consult the best person you can find. Their advise will be bitter and hard to swallow but hey!that's how medicine taste like. Your many friends might say you are OK and bring you to party on but those who love you will tell "you look like you just woke up in hell!". Who doesn't have problems? Poor people worry about how to make money,rich people at wits end thinking how to make more money. Lonely people looking for love,loved people get so content they wonder if they're loved enough. Now don't stress out your brain,pain and sorrow tell us we're alive. Dead people have no worries.

So let us trade in the crooked past year for a fresh new year. Go back to the people who really care about you. And finally,like I always tell my loved ones;"only follow your heart when your brain isn't working".