Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Baby Now A DIVA

Hehe sama la dengan tajuknya, update pasal si kecik, baby Joy dah pandai mengomel sikit2. So pandai la dia mengarah-ngarah kita, macam diva.

Dia dah pandai pilih konsep pakaian woi, takla spesifik which one but she can decide to wear pants or dresses. Ada selera kau.

Masa main LEGO dia mesti suruh anybody 'shidan' dengan dia sambil tangan kecil dia tepuk2 lantai sebelah dia, suruh teman main cucuk2, buat kereta tinggi2, senapang beng-beng. Lepas tu kalau dah fedup dia buang merata je toys dia. Tapi kalau suruh susun pun dia buat jugak, a good thing she practices play and keep.

Kalau kena tegur pula dia buat drama, kalau tak nangis dia marah kita balik.

Masa makan, tak payah suap2, dia makan sendirik macam hebat dowh. Biar bersepah biar sememeh dia nak makan sendiri jugak.

Pendek kata baby Joy dah tau apa dia nak, apa dia nak kita buat, have her own opinion lah katakan... Right now demanding sungguh, sampai tarik2 baju, seluar, apron suruh buat suruhan dia on the dot. Penat layan anak, aku larat nak baca je blog kawan2. No comment. So have fun you all, enjoy your weekend. Tata.

Sunday, August 1, 2010



It's been tiring the whole week, we had thanksgiving prayer for my bro in-law who recently got promoted and transferred to Labuan Shell starting tomorrow! Man....I did deep-frying the whole day I even fried my thumb! Anyway back to the topic, what is it all about? Friend of mine sort of hit the rock with his wife over what I think is inane issue. So this post goes out to you D. Ladies and gentlemen can all benefit from this.

Well, most of us married couples don't talk much about issues because issues lead to argument and that is ugly. Be it money, time management, kids, hygiene or anything many couples simply avoid bringing up issues that can provoke disagreement. However by doing so, you are actually doing something called 'bottle-necking' and the burst is going to be messy.

I argue a lot with MrVai. I love him so much but still I hit on that red button every time I feel that he needs some correction and so does he. I never allow myself to go to sleep with unsolved issues. God gave you mouth and that voice so that you can speak for yourself. Women always act their way through and men hate that. Be realistic he can't read your mind! Just be careful on how are you going to bring it up.

Myself I prefer starting while I'm washing the dishes. Just an example for you because I think during that time I'll have my attention or anger channeled to the water, bubbles and plates. I'd be less critical and try not to be cynical. Cynical is what most men despise. It doesn't help solving anything but it fans on the anger. Focus on what wrong he did, not him as a person so be wise to say "I don't think gambling is good for our household economy" instead of "You gamble wayyyy to much we're close to broke". Address the issue spot-on as possible so avoid beating around the bush.

Once he gives you that attention, calm down and bring it to the table. Give him your points clearly and orderly so he can follow what you say. Tell him why you think he needs to change his certain way and how it affects you and your relationship with him. When you're done, let him talk and share his opinion. He might not agree completely with you but be kind to tolerate too. No man change overnight. Talk more on how to adjust and rearrange everything. While doing so don't be hesitant to apologise even if it's not your fault. It works and will gain you respect, I know because I do that.

So don't be afraid to voice out your thoughts, doubts, concern or fear. Bring it up - and find a solution. Be rational and argue in a civilised manner, I don't want some flying saucers over my head. It's OK to be angry but there's always a way for everyone to be happy winning and losing at the same time.

Till then, bye.....muah!!!