Friday, October 15, 2010


haha tak jadi pencen, Najib kasi elaun pencen so nak pencen tua la. Blogging sampai beruban. Apalah alkisah arini? OK... merujuk kepada tajuk di atas, I have an essay to write.

Tapi memandangkan hamba sungguh pemalas maka hamba pendekkan cerita kepada beberapa siri. Starts with...


overheard somewhere at airport cafeteria.

makcik A : laki si MIMI ada skandal lahh.... lama dah, tu hal la so sedih all the time.
makcik B : sapa? kita kenal kah?
A - ala.....seketeri dia la, sexy Betty tuh!
B - oh wau!!! in that case she provides sex catering. well kind of Monica Lewinsky-ish.

ME ; ---smile---


you all know my baby Joy is a mouthful right now. One time we brought her to a game floor in a supermarket. Main kuda statik token 50 sen rides, main street fighter machine, drift king race an so on... so when we parents had enough already and the kids screaming wanting more, we had to sweeten our way with ice cream offer. then we go for McD's ice cream and swhile we sit and wait for movie time, bah suddenly Joy shouted out loud, made people laugh and adults give us unwanted stares.

Mommy!!!! SPERMA MAN!!!

lama lah mak fikir2, until one time my eyes stop at one candy shop, there it was, the great SUPER MAN. anak aku... berik malu sungguh.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

for all the tiredness and laziness in my life, I'm tempted to quit blogging or just stick to diary blogging like before.