Tuesday, August 4, 2009


While on the way to work this morning I realized it was so hazy. What happened to our air quality? Last week there was a bush fire in upper Taman Tunku area, but that alone can't cause this kind of weather. I heard there's another burning and this time in Kuala Baram as I heard it was mangrove deep fire. What lingers in my mind, is the fire intendedly iniciated for small scale illegal farming went out of control?

This morning at approximately 1km viewstand, I can't even see the aircraft clearly. It's a matter of time before we get another DARURAT announcement.

Are we from uncivilised breed of society that we still ignore our bit of responsibility to care and protect our Mother Nature? Can't we learn to practise safer farming tecniques? Costly yes, but we can't risk our nature more harm.

By the way, is this the environment we're passing to our kids? Pitty them. Soon the poster ad showing a child playing swing amongst rubbish in a park that resembles a dumpsite wil be a reality.


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