Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'M DOWN...Down...down...

Uh!!! Can weekend be so unfortunately unenjoyable?

Last Saturday I had a very BAD fever. That plus running nose, headache, and dry cough. Worried it might be H1N1 thing I decided to be checked at the MGH. My friends recommended private clinics but I remembered somebody from MCMC told me any H1N1 suspected case will be refered to GH. Why waste time going around so to MGH I went.

I hadn't had a single meal since breakfast that day, I just can't eat anything. So with just milo fueling me up I felt like I was going to faint right there in front of the ER. However I managed to pull up enough energy to go through check-up and pick up my meds.

And this is where they got to my nerve. While I was feeling like I'm dying, I have to climb my way up and walk to the very end of the block to claim my meds, wtf? . Why the HELL was the pharmacy placed so far away from check-up area? How if we the sick who are too weak to even get off the chair let alone walk up the stairs drop down and ended up dead knocking our head on hard floor?

Though I can admit there was an improvement in term of staff service (though I seriously believe it was because my MA was a male,flirt factor), there are still so many rooms for improvement. It's been more than 15 years since my last GH visit. Maybe some 20 more years to go before I can be satisfied with our hospital's public service quality.

There you go, now i have to swallow 16 antibiotic pills, 3 flu pills, 30ml cough syrup and 6 panadols a DAY for 5 days! Great... So there, I hope I'll be OK soon. But for now, allow me some good rest. You healthy fellows, enjoy your day, wear your mask, use instant antibacterial hand sanitizer, eat proper meal and PRAY that you don't get sick.

*and my ear felt numb, my body still feels tight~sigh~


dukunlintah plk said...

and dont forget to drink plenty of water.. get well soon..

joynstar said...

thanks DK...sakit tok..huh.