Sunday, August 2, 2009



Yes hubbies... Your wife misses you. Let me narrate this common story most likely endured by any wife whose husband doesn't really wear tie and doesn't work weekly 8-5. They go far away from home and for a very long time. We'll have it at my own plot... Honestly my side of the story...tsk...tsk...

When He's Around

Waking up early is always difficult when you need to wake up occasionally to feed the ever hungry/thirsty baby. I love it whenever Mr Vai took the trouble to get up early just to prepare my bath, help me wash Bjoy's late-night bottles and of course some yummy breakfast. I'd hug him, my way of saying thank you. He'd knowingly squeeze me back and rush me to shower as he knew I'd waste more time 'minta manja' and ending up late for work. Yeah...

Mr Vai insists on sending me to work, so spare me driving for I've been used to take the passenger seat. I love letting him do the morning talk as I always take some time loading my system. We'll kiss before I get out of the car, study says that couples who kiss before their spouse go to work will unlikely be involved in accident at workplace,hmm... Like duh.. What accident can happen at MY office.

Work is work and my Mr Vai doesn't like sms-ing me unless necessary. So,wait till I finnish my work -dummmm-

Ok,he pick me up after work,and it usualy goes like this;

Mr Vai : Bring your ass out here.

Come evening, he usualy cooks dinner. And he cook GOOD dinner, always experimenting with his cooking he so far never failed to delight my taste buds.

When I'm busy doing the laundry, Mr Vai will always be happy to play with Bjoy. And we'll chat till the wee hour, unless I feel so sleepy to begin with.
And that's the summary of a happy working day with Mr Vai around.

He's Not Around

I have to wake up early but usualy late (so pampered and timing). Skip the breakfast, only kiss Bjoy and go to work.

My father in-law send me to work because Mr Vai refuse to let me drive, for now. I can't kiss my father in-law so I just get out of the car. Of course he also pick me after work. I have to watch my timing. I wait for him and not the other way around.

I eat whatever is there on the table, mom in-law had it ready.

Bring Bjoy to sleep, she keep calling me daddy. -sigh-
And that's a plain working day without Mr Vai around.

...Dear, come back home... I miss you..

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Sarah Jane Valentine said...

pity . y don't u just kiss your dad in law :p on behalf of konxvai. ehehe.