Thursday, April 15, 2010


ini entry amnesia

There are times when I have to stop and recall my year of birth and start counting my age at present year. Lame, but I just don't feel myself worrying about my age. I find it funny that I, a woman have---not the same worries many other woman does.

I think it's fine to eventually have a few creases at certain age. Who doesn't age? But I think running for age-defying serum at 18 y.o is silly. Spending thousands on these products also, is silly. If you can afford it, it's fine. But not for those who have to borrow for cosmetic surgery. Practice good lifestyle, healthy food, work out regularly, laugh and smile a lot can do you good in the long run. Worrying makes you age faster, so try not no worry too much for it doesn't solve the problem.

It is OK to gain few kilos because it means you had enjoyed good food. Never starve yourself, have food. But just watch it, don't get FAT.

Dress your age is so...passe. Wear your dress not the other way round. If your dress from your 20's still look good on your 30's or 40's body, so be it-WEAR IT!

Stay in love, you'l forget your age.

Why this post today? hehe...bunyik macam Ahmoi yerk... Because I saw these. When I said forget your age I didn't mean you can intentionally make yourself look OLD.

Duffy is 26

Amy Winehouse is 26

Miley Cyrus is 17!!!

Freakin' Me out!

sheesh----->keep yourself youthful, feel young at heart.


Felicia F. Ramzi said...

why this comment today? cause i loike! hahaha .. yeah, those celebs look old lah.. miley boh sebut.. kedak 20 instead of 17.. their surroundings make them mature faster kot..

AmirFX said...

Usia sik menjanjikan apa2 gilak cuma kita akan lebih dewasa.. Komen kmk ttg dak miley cirus ya sidaknya makan nak byk MSG lam makanan... Especially pas pud...

mr_abs said...

ah. couldnt agree more!

mcm org melaya kt ctok. inang somet tegal mok didiat matured. waima muka jambu. bagus bah muka mudak. ihh

joynstar said...

Surrounding I pun hollywood juak, sik la menua diri oh. ehek.. anyway fizikal kita kali juak la menyumbang kadar penuaan kita ho?

mek sentiasa sik ingat umur, siyes sik bulak, mala jak pakey umur tahun lepas. fasfud? mek pun addict KFC juak.

tua-ija...orang malaya nang tua-ija...awal gilak sunat kali

Faizal n Fashitah said...

Mek nang sik ingat umo mek juak koh. Last mek ingat umo mek, 14 taun yang lalu. Ya pun.. masa gik umo 14 taun. So sampei nektok la mek asa umo mek 14 taun ehek..

fLoRanCe said...

hehehhe...feel young 4ever....yeah~~!!!
p boh lupak diri hooo...;P

joynstar said...

haha...sikboh 14, mek duak amoi forever kitar2 16/17/18 jak. Hahaha

amnesia selalu huhooooo

mizara said...

biar umo tua..tapi muka nampak mudak..

joynstar said...


dukunlintah plk said...

yeahh setuju ngan ahmoi.. "surroundings make them mature faster".. sebab ya lah ku bergeng ngan anak2 sekolah nektok.. heheh..