Saturday, April 3, 2010

OMG! OMG! I Dig This!

sexy back

sleek front

OMG!!! Aku ada DSLR yang bernama D90, and it's darn hard to use. Dahla berat. Mok belajar terpaksa ikut team outdoor photophilia yang mostly amik gambar model gigi jongang or perut ada 4 spare tyre or male model yang ada 1pack abdomen rather than 6pack hunk. They chase sunset, moonset, no set, water tide, building, landscape, wedding and what nots. No fun seriously especially when it comes to people feeling harrassed by constant random clicks around them.. And I have no time to do so unless if I'm single. D90 ended up berehat dalam kotak sik terguna macam kasam basik, waiting for Mr Vai to come home and make love with it.

However I do love taking photo dengan camera compact, and this one really fits the bill. Mahal (3K++ OK?) tapi worth the buy I guess. Ladies must agree compact stuff win! This camera is only 296 gm. Handbag aku berat dengan macam2 barang yang I'm not really sure I can live without so imagine kalau aku heret DSLR here and there. And the Olympus PEN E-PL1 is a win again in term of handling, practically DSLR quality for a dummy like me. Memandangkan I don't dig learning manual setting ia ada Live Guide for starter macam cikgu ajar murid, which I really loike. And when you feel so dumb the dummy can be you can always rely on this function - iAuto or Intellegent Auto. In term of style it comes in 3 colors here in Malaysia which are black, white and GOLD... now I'm drooling.

Lens kit 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 M yang boleh diasingkan dengan body. It has 12.3 megapix sensor quality for goodness sake! Can capture video in 720p HD movie too!

If you happened to be a lens geekoes, eleven lenses have now been formally launched for the Micro Four Thirds system, if you include the new, simplified version of the 14-42mm kit lens launched with the E-PL1. Lenses are available to cover ranges from 7-200mm (14-400mm equivalent), though only the 17, 20 and 45mm focal lengths are available at F2.8 or faster.

OK basically I'm in love with this camera tapi tengah modal-less to own one. Tunggu Mr Vai gaji then maybe I'll consider membodek him to buy me one. Or maybe not. Ada contest yang offer this thing kah?



☯❤Embun Malam❤☯ said...

how much? d90 stand fo nikon yerrrrrr... rasanya lahhh... buzz me k... mun dlm budget, mighte buy it laaa... mun x, tpaksa berehat lmk gk la d90 ya... unless ada org da beli... buzz me k... :D

Anonymous said...


Felicia F. Ramzi said...

dari dolok mengidam minatang tok
tapi duit mala sik ngizin..
ada duit, alu k meli benda lain..

boleh sik mintak sugar daddy..
mun jak ada.. adoh

joynstar said...

Embun Deng
not for sale lah...mati mek mun ditauk Mr Vai ada hati mok jual D90 nya. Tp mek cadangkan beli Olmpud tok, mahal tapi basically DSLR quality, sesuai untuk ladies.

always your proverbs I can't understand

Bapak gula senang dicari. But terms and condition...well.

Faizal n Fashitah said...

Aaaa ada mek nangga (siap megang gik) Olympus ya koh. Ermm well, nang sesuai la k ompuan. Cam mek tok, prefer nok D90 ya la. Biar berat mbak kamera.. sak timbol muscular.. sak nampak macho ba ehehehe...