Sunday, May 9, 2010


Mulakan harimu dengan sengihan - sungguh tak ikhlas. Ok mulakan harimu dengan senyuman.

Another day another story but today is a different story because it is not like every other day it is MUMMIES DAY - imagine zombified moms. I'm not going to sing praise about my mothering skills but I'll spin and tweak it a little to my own daily version. Being a mother to a hyper-vitagen-sugared-peanuts-protein 2 year old daughter and a stepmother (yes, you got it right) to an emo-rebel-potty mouthed 7 year old son is not FUN, it's both tiring and trying. While I'm likely to be the undesired police in the house my kids get along very well with each other, and their dad. There's no half sibling or step sibling in the house. Darrien and Joy are unseparable, put the daddy into the mix they will be ice kacang and leave me to be the straw- get what I mean?

Character breakdown starts with DADDY;
Very able in many ways - excellent cook, sporting clown, the 'yes you can' authority and practically the DON of the house. Our kids adore him, daddy can't be wrong-daddy is great-daddy is so cool-and whatever superb. If the kids have anything they wish to have, it's their daddy who gets the nudge and rants. When they play/which I'm not so good at, they bring down the house to rubble. Means...mommy will tidy up, it's OK, just play. I once go to sleep at 2 a.m. cleaning baby Joy's scribble on our kitchen wall and clear the kitchen after Darrien & Dad played Jamie Oliver. Daddy being nice decided to teman me cleaning and made me hot milo to end-and a good neck massage. His words always being 'you'll miss the moment' really helps me calm down. But still, when the need arises for him to be strict you'll see the kids making beeline behind me. I always smile at that scene.

Big Brother Darrien (he was 3 when we first met and peed on my lap, sleeping)
Potty-mouthed yes, BIG TIME. At 7 years old it is impossible to stop him from discovering foul words especially when this is the boy who travel 3 residences; our's, his mother's and the gramps. He has a lot of cousins and of various age range, a recipe to disastrous lingo. He's very aware of your every words or statement and that leads to an emo kid sitting on the stair if you don't watch what you say. A very certain personality he knows what he wants and if restrained will rebel his way through. His attention span is 5 mins. Give him a new toy he will get over with it the day after. No matter how expensive the toy is, it will still break down. He's with us mostly on weekends only so he gets free pass from being grounded. However he can be very sweet and considerate, taking care of baby Joy when he knows I'm too tired to run around the house after them both and doing chores at the same time. And very good looking too. Here's the lovely part, his mother refused for him to call me anything equaling to mother so he joined his dad calling me 'dear'. *adorable* imagine him calling me that at 17, priceless.

Baby Joy
This is the one baby to whom every nursery will close their door. Very hyperactive and super loud. She zips around like energizer bunny, climbing anything like spiderwho, thrash around like we have 3 maids at our disposal. Our own Picasso I think I'll paint our walls BLACK from tiring days cleaning walls and floor. Very cute with her naturally golong @ curly hair but I'd advise you not to be fooled by that, she bites and screams like screeching tires. I think she's auburn, lol. She eats a little but takes everything that comes her way. Chocolate @ chet is always available thanks to her designated Aunty Mamam. Her daddy introduced Coke to her months before her first birthday, with that amount of sugar...HYPER. Joy's vocabulary for now are very limited and somehow I found myself understanding among others

mam - eat / ding - drink / chet - chocolate / brrr - coke / kakut ya - takut ya
kakit - sakit / hee hoo - bathtime / smeyee - smelly / o'oi - sleep

~17 months with her aunty Mamam~
*relevan lah tu, the kotak was Happy Meal Box*

Combine the 3 'monsters' we have a real life moniker of 'How To Train A Dragon' . I'm the trainer with 3 dragons. Their antics are impossible, their mess unbearable, the noise numbing but take one away and I'll be miserable. Like Mr Vai said, our life might be 'tonggang langgang' but we do have a wonderful one. Mothering may not be fun, but seeing the kids growing up great and at the right path is rewarding. I only hope I have enough patience and resource to face their teenage years. That I think will be more challenging, right now it's all naughty and cute. So far, I think I did just fine. Although everytime I end my day looking like mummy I surely did enjoy my day being mommy to my kids. There...

Adorable kids+Cool Dad+Miserable Mom= Happy Family

make it everyday

p.s: bah, apa lagi. yang single2 ya bila gik? on a side note, my birth mother died before I was 3, so my stepmom cared for me just about the same age I took Darrien. the similarity, I feel her.


AmirFX said...

HAha... KElak kmk nyampei pesan ngn sapa msh single d luar nun... Pak Dukun! o Pak Dukun!... Cepat gik ko nikah ya....! hahaaa... Nway, Happy Mothers Day!

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

mata nya soooo bulat!! sooo cute! aha, exclusive post tok from you.. not easy for someone to share something pasal being a step mom and what not.. salute you.. not all will understand o..

neway, happy mother's day gorgeous mom!

Hajib said...

alu smangat nak beranak juak tok.. tapi lom da lesen gik k polah anak.. huhuhu... so sweet darrien nunggah u dear.. sikpat mejin ehh... best!!
jaoh juak menyimpang vocab baby joy tek... hehee
mandik.. hee hoo?? maok tabiat mak nya salu nyanyi time mandik kali... ehehehe
tido... o'oi??
apa apapun... wish u hepi mothers day!! smoga u sentiasa jadi seorang mak yang hebat! hehehe

Beautiful Stranger said...

teruja kmk nangga mata nya...alu cengkang mata juak mek..aih..teruja..

joynstar said...

mek asa lamak gik Pak Dukun kita ya, lamak gik... pa kata kita jodohkan ngan Ahmoi jak, tang sherasi bershama jak rupa, mesti kiut-miut-terbiut rupa anak2. haha, speku. matilah...

gee thanks babe, of course she has to be cute, mommy gojess siot. wahaha...gila kenak pangkong mak hayam berlagak diva. anyway yup memang exclusive, it's not really a secret me being a stepmom, but I'll explain more, for share, and I don't mind people judging me.

haha...amik la lesen P lok, haha... semangat membara dah kitak ya, keja dah bagus, calon dah ada, bah apa gik.
oh 'hee hoo' ya coba kitak shout gak, ada feel mok terjun lam aik sik, ya la retinya.

mata ya, semua orang perasan matanya, mata orang gaok, tido 12 malam no problem. haha...sila teruja.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Joynstar, I enjoyed reading your this eloquent posting. Especially about 'daddy, and the 'ice kachang' bits, ha ha.
Love your lively sense of humour.
Have a great week and stay young, Lee.

joynstar said...

oh uncle Lee
thank you for coming by, anyway the kids really adore their dad. I'm happy as it is and not jealous. Thanks uncle.

mr_abs said...

mata itu booolatttt....hehe..kiutt

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Joynstar, I would really like it very much if you'll just call me 'Lee'....
Only applies to women who enjoys ha ha, talking politics and psychology, *wink*.
Have a nice day and hold that smile, Lee.

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

yoshhhh spekuuuu.. dengan pak duk! wowo.. meroyan semua dak single ladies out there kelak.. hahaha.. pak duk mahukah di speku kan bersama saya? muahahaha.. hahahaha

oh it's okkk.. i'll pass lah oo..te he he