Monday, October 19, 2009

SIGNIFICANT significant

so long ya, I've been soo busy AND lazy too. sorry...

Writing is never boring to me, just that sometimes ideas are hard to come by. Been bloghopping for a week and it really doesn't help. Well, whatever...

Last Sunday was my Mr Vai's 29th birthday and we had a modest party for him. Some BBQ and a tasty Roman cheesecake for dessert. I gave him a black Sembonia wallet as present the very morning. He hugged me thank you, paused for a while and said that I am already a GIFT to him. No hadiah necessary. Awww.....kan?

There are a few special people in my life I so love and cherish till the end. My family, my friends who are like family and other friends who simply make life worth living.

The top of the cream now is Mr Vai, my beloved and my soulmate. He loves to let me know he adores me, he loves making fun of me and funny thing is I love it. He's well tall, dark and round in the middle yet handsome in bed.oopsss... Ya, he's lovely, loving and caring, not really the kind you can easily find nowadays. Very intellectual and refreshing with thoughts and ideas to munch. It's never boring talking to him, I am a chatterbox myself so can't stand a silent dude. We share a lot of interest and equally opposite as well enough to keep us attracted to each other like magnets. We both love eating and I'm partly to blame for his round tummy nowadays. He's defensive about me, and I need that about him. I hope dearly that we will remain as loving, romantic and supportive as we are today, maybe even more with time.

Then there is my baby Joy. A lovely little thing with curly hair and big eyes, endless energy and helpless angel moping around with her charm and cuteness. The house is at awe with her, adorable thing that doesn't seem to eat, drink Coke(daddy's fault) and yes at 17 months stuff her face with fries and coke thanks to her dad and grandpa. She is the big-red-sweet-crunchy apple of my eyes. She can call her daddy and to annoy me the dad-girl pair doesn't seem to learn how to call mommy. She call me nan, or nenek sometimes. huh...daddy's girl gonna be.

My own daddy is wonderful, loving and always supportive in any means. He'd been my solid rock for years since mommy died. He remarried when I was about 4 and it took a while to bond with his new missus. My siblings are more than 10 years ahead of me so I pretty much befriend my dad my whole life. That, I believe what makes me OLD in the head. He's 60 this year and yet still handsome and genius with his painting. No word can describe him enough, but enough said he's the greatest daddy God can give me.

And there's Darien, my stepson, Mr Vai guy buddy, the only one who can contest for his affection other than baby Joy. When the two kids around, I take a back seat. They're impossible to contain, put me in love-hate situation many times. Mr Vai spoil them to the bits and I often become bitter sulking for myself. Darien is adorable in a way only he can, only to pull my hair and make me chase him around later. Children, you just can't be patient enough with their pranks.

My cousin Barbie, the one I'd love to be close to forever. Just distance and it's possible. We love planning for a night out, shopping trip etc...only to find that we're in different ZIP code area. Maybe we can save that for our old days.

My bestie, Irene is pregnant with her new baby. She had most of my girlish secrets and heart pain. She knows my crushes and secret admirers as we call it. Me too, know her secrets color coded from light to dark ones. We laugh at our own stupid jokes and used to share many dreams or angan-angan atas angin and they are all perfectly dreamt. And yet now we're far apart, maybe we can reunite before we're too old.

And here, my new potential bestie is Ashley, my ever ready taxi and laugh as loud as I do. My bloggerina friends I love to read, you guys really cheer my boring and downbeat days. LOVE you Love you SO very much!!!

Do you love anybody?

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