Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Promise

i swear i don't know what to do

the mistake had been done, long ago
i knew about it but i didn't say anything
now who's to blame?
i wouldn't say anything now, it will do no good
what's done is done

but i promised to myself
i wouldn't run away
i wouldn't hide
even when consequences of action realized
i'll be here with you
will be where you are
standing next to you

it's too late to say anything
and it wasn't done for me
i wouldn't let you do that for me
if only i was there to stop you

well i know
life can't just be "what if /but / or / maybe"
life only shows was, is and will
the past is not to be changed
the present always is painful
my hope
the future will be peaceful



khairul onggon said...

Memula tek kmk mati2 ingat lagu... sik al.. masuk jak lam azam 2010 ktk kelak :) eh.. slmt hr ry aidil adha..

dukunlintah plk said...

tok lagu kah pa tok?.. bah carik guitar keteng2 gik.. slmt ariraya haji :)

joynstar said...

huh...baruk jak mok emo, ya pun sik paham...nang sah lelaki tok sikda measat dalam palak.

slamat raya aji