Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pity Story

sad story just happen, a friend's brother is being chased around by thugs because he owed them just over 9K. what will happen to our world, I can see the end of it so clearly now. cops are just not helping, if it is reported the gangs will find out, but how? if not the insider inside the department itselves informing the ghouls. tsk....9K and the price of soul, maybe will be up on e-Bay soon. I pray for his safety.


Lily Riani said...


fLo said...

ooo...tidak!!! tedah eh...=p
yala bahaya mun pake along tok..

Faizal n Fashitah said...

Bahya na juak eh. Jangan sekali2 nak berutang ngan along eh