Thursday, July 16, 2009


talked to a girlfriend over cofee,and it went like this;

GF :we are so blessed to have loving people surrounding us(true,nobody is totally unloved),but sometimes we're so blind to see that we do really care for that someone. and when we finally realize it we might not have the opportunity to give our best. maybe because we then belong to someone else. but is it wrong to love someone else and keep it just to ourselve?

ME : hmmmm...can you really keep it to yourself? coz you just told me. hehe...

GF : hey! serious..

ME : ok,sure,what to do.. youu can't simply lie to your heart. just make sure you don't get emotional over it, get over it fast. it's OK to love someone else, as long as you know your limit, never hurt the one you're with..pass me the sugar.

GF : hey enough'll get diabetes!

ME : ok fine..anyway same with love,too much of it will kill you most situation,best man wins right? so your past isn't really the best for you,maybe just a crush now that you just realize he could have been,is he handsome?

GF : gorgeus!!!-giggle-

ME : crush permitted.. -giggle-

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