Thursday, July 30, 2009


It's been long. I spent my time reading and studying people's blogposts. The more I read them the more insecure I felt. And my self esteem begin to lower to such a level, I thought I'd stop blogging. But then again, there's always room for improvement. And I can always treat my blog as a free-to-read diary. These are some of the bloggers kind I discovered. Some really are inspirational, some are just plain ridiculous. Not all types are reviewed here, just some that I read.

entertainment circus
This blog is alike of Mangga, URTV etc... Just no side craps like horoscope, cut-short novels, tips itu dan ini. Takde mamat dan minah desperado cari jodoh.
OK FACTOR : We get to read only the hot and melting creme' scoop, only the hottest and most controversial topics possible. Some of these blogs are actually quite quick on attaining the lattest gossip spill, sometimes even becoming the feeds or source to reporters of real magazines. So magazine yang dijual kat luar sana are really passe.
KO FACTOR : I have to be patient about those nuffnang adds posted by this blog-whoring bloggers well they hope to earn money to feed their ever gloated belly. And I kinda hate those watermarking stuff they do. And also the blurring of subject's picture, it's cheaptalk if I cant see the bahan umpatan's face.
favourites are oh bulan, oh artis, blog budiey, perez hilton etc...

rage blog
This blog is from the asshole/badass/ bloggers who damn know how to annoy the rest of the world. It covers almost anything on earth possible. Plain explanation, I just love them with no valid reason. No OK or KO factors. So far I only favour this one particular he-bitch obefiend.

honey laced/chick-lit/sugababes blog
This blog is usually written by pretty faced girls telling their daily diary fills. Good to read if you have a desire or habit imagining yourself as someone more glamorous and good looking.
OK FACTOR : You will certainly feel uplifted and entertained reading their sweet-life-post.
KO FACTOR : You suddenly realized that you are so unlucky unlike them, sigh...
Follow one by hanis zalikha, she's a model.

blog sakit jiwa
This kind of blog is usually produced by pondan a.k.a she-man. Haters labelled them mulut kurang ajar, tak tau malu, takde insurans dan syok sendiri. Their presence are just because the siber space is open to all. My advise, never sell your soul to this kind of blogger. They just hate their life because they wished to be women but born men. However they make a fun and stressful read at the same time.
One blogger I can't suggest is silaseazwanali.

cooking blog
I love this blog! Sometimes I wish the food posted can be grabbed and eaten directly. The only thing I don't like is when the recipe turns out not honestly written. Kurang bahan. Very not nice.
The one I follow so far is homekreation-recipes.

photo-sentric blog
This kind of blog will usually feature DSLR-captured pictures. Its a craze now for the young and affordables to invest on photography. While many of them actually succeeded in becoming up and coming professional breeds, the rest just ended up wasting money as I can't see the art of foot pictures. I enjoy wedding pictures most. Only don't understand the yipee-jumping shot of the couples. I'll never dream doing that shot with Mr Vai.
The local blog I follow is Anderson Kalang, sometimes I sengaja go look around clicking on wedding photography blogs.

Okeh lah.. Go sleep first. Tata..

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