Monday, December 29, 2008


Thank for reading this blog. I do appreciate your time spent reading my thoughts very much. Let's spread the words that your ideas and contribution will be discussed in this blog from the writer's point of view. Promised to be fully driven by female hormones that will guarantee men (if they ever happen to read this blog,so make sure they do) will learn so many aspect of most woman's way of thinking. They might never agree but it is for sure satisfying to voice it out.


Most of us do have problem coping up with daily life pressure which is inevitable. This pressure or stress as we call it will lead us into making not so right decision and often does than not make us always want to think that our decision is right. Some call it denial,some see it as an escapism from life's real trouble.

May we bow to those who embrace life and all its trouble as an essence towards maturity. These people are fit to give us advise as they are balanced in term of accepting reality and tolerating its mixed baggage. But how about some of us who wants more in life yet finding the present setting isn't ideal to do so. Well,this is where adjustment comes in.

Our friends may appear happy and live with minimal problem. But we don't live with the so we don't really know if they have any problem. However when we look at happy people around us we do hope that we are just as happy and lucky,we forget to be grateful and appreciate what we have in hand. We search for more when what we already have is just enough. We're never satisfied with anything. Here is the point where the heart goes blind.

We deny our own actually fulfilling life,trading it for the fun of the world. We forgot what used to be the source of our happiness,seeing it now only as a routine. We blame fate for our present state. We choose not to see that our present life is what we wanted,then have and now about to let go. We go out in hope that we will find what's missing. Along the way we hurt the people who always love us (maybe they don't show). We enjoy our new found happiness,but it never stay. It just come and go. Yet we lie to our self,'yes,I'm happy as I am'.

We question others contribution when the fact is we lack so many. We forgot to honor our partner. We simply want to forget what used to make us happy. And when our loved ones try to bring us back,we rebel. We want to live a lie. If the heart is just suffering from glaucoma,chance is after being given enough 'advice' shock,we can see again. However if it is meant to be blind,there's nothing much we can do.

So turn on the light,grab the glass and see your nearest psychologist.

Love your life,live happily and be happy.

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