Friday, December 26, 2008


Since this is my first entry,maybe I should make a definite womanly post. By the way this blog will generally evolves around love life,family, and us woman of all age. Enjoy reading!

Making presumption is so 'in' among us women like forever. It is generally about suspicion,used to satisfy our furious sense of jealousy and longing for assurance. It's like saying yes to yourself before other does. But why do we make presumption? It's our nature ladies. And usually,we believe in our presumption more than the fact which we later discover. Why? Maybe because everytime we have a presumption,we have almost 89.9% confidence that we're right. Oh,that's so woman!

Starting with a discovery of a subject worth suspecting,say for example,your man go to see his ex. Although he might be discussing about their child,you can't help but imagine that a small flashback will occur in his head about how happy they used to be. Scary enough if she's his first real love. Worst if you start to imagine him comparing you with his ex,using her as a benchmark. From there you will begin to make a presumption that he still care,love,though maybe not so much anymore,his ex. You wonder why he care so much about her,helping her whenever needed. Reason from him: "she's the mum of my son,helping her is like helping my son" would really put you off. Then the tension comes and you became (arrrrgh!!!!!!)

Is it wrong to be paranoid? Certainly because you love him so much. You got scared at any possibility of ever losing him.

Really ladies am I not right here?

So for men to avoid all this unnecessary headache,is to really make it clear with us. Why talk so secretively(ex;taking their cell so far away you can't hear what they say.) When you need to make any contact with your ex do make it quick,and please....let the other party learn to live by herself. If you help her once,chance is you'll end up helping her forever. And gentleman,do not start an online fling,sooner or later there will be emotional factor involved. Ever wonder why those 'beauties' like you always call them publish themselves online? Because there's hardly a real man who wants them. They sucks in real life. Yet you men likes 'fun' thing right?

Maybe it's true that man wants a nun for a wife and a bitch on his bed.

Well,that's up for you to argue.

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