Saturday, February 4, 2012


Hi Journalog,

I've been away long enough I've lost my sense of obligation towards this blog. A lot had happened since end of November towards christmas and then earlier this year. Last year towards the end of 2011 my eldest brother passed away, around 3 years after my 2nd eldest also a brother. Now it's only me and my sister, I really pity my old man.

So now it's February, I think I should restart what I actually loved doing---blogging my heart. Friends still asks me the cause of death which i really don't feel like talking about for it brings pain to my heart as I'm the one close to him and I don't feel like I did my best to help him during his life.

This year I think I will push hard to re-invent this blog, well I'm growing older anyway. Perhaps....pray to dear Lord Mr Vai's wish for a new home for us becoming a reality. Can't wait also to have the time to post pictures of my latest hobby, beading. White kebaya with pearl details is my latest project and I shall post pictures once I'm done.

So to whomever reading, I'm sorry I've been away too long. Miss Airline always asked me when am I going to write again so yeah I'll be back. Or rather I'm back. Toodles!!!


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Khairul Antasha said...

takziah utk ktk & family.. byk benda berlaku ooo