Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Why do people lie?

Is it always too hard to say sorry instead of making up excuses?

What good you get out of lying?

How do you sleep at night after each lie?

I pity you liars, it must have been nightmare every night. Waking up must be dreadful. Breathing must've been hard. You must be so scared of karma by now.

then...its a habit deadbeat undead, you're used to it.


SubMiriner said...

In my opinion, telling lies is something we do to cover up a situation as a immediate solution. To have peace of mind... To make people happy or to make people mad too. It depends.

Vokka said...

Everyone knows it is not good, but sometimes thats the way to goes about ya. :) Hmm... come to think of it now, I got nothing to lie about now. :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Joynstar, how you doin'? Interesting posting.
There are generally two types of lies, white lies, which do little or no damage, and black lies, which can do detriment to the deceiver or the deceived when the truth is found out.

The People who Lie
Everybody lies at one time or another.
There is probably not a single person who has ever lived who has not once in his life told a falsehood or misrepresented the truth, regardless of whether it was unintentional.
Or if he told it so that someone else's feelings would not be hurt, or if he did it for more sinister reasons.

The people who lie often....politicians! Or crooks caught by cops.

3 good friends 'lied' to me before....reason being they did not want me to know they have cancer, and not long to live. One a blogger friend.

I myself have lied several times when seeing a friend with another person not a spouse....when approached by spouse. I lied to help save a marriage, and friendship.

I have lied when I was sick, saying I was not.
Yes, all of us one time or other must have lied, be it a white lie, or a black one.

You have a nice day, keep a song in your heart.