Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mind Your Own Bikini


It's been long since I seriously pour my million penny thoughts here... Been busy ranting and raging in my new found fondness[...ranting again] Well live your life like its no one else's business. Live it at your own pace and never mind what the buzzing langau's got to say about your ass.

My surroundings have this annoying habit we Malaysian call 'jaga tepi kain[tapeh] orang]. I'm no angel OK but I'm not bad in any sense towards any human being[unless you're a real scumbag worthy to troll]. I mind my own stuff, keep my medling to the min, I keep myself updated with the gossip but never am willing to air people's schmelly laundry. So I hate people asking me about my personal life, my 'when/how/why'. Seriously I think busybodies have no life.

I have a friend whose life was close to ruined as a result of malacious gossiping. Kandra, her poor faithfull husband Rick was branded a playboy just because he is good looking and unfortunately working in marketing line. Her confidence towards her husband eroded day by day when there's a 'kepoh' lady friend Moira, broadcasting her story[highlighted, mind you] of "seen with", "heard about" and etc... Luckily somebody was rational enough to help her do some investigation on the allegations and found out......

Moira had a hot for Rick and was spreading rumours so that Kendra would let him go and have him for herself, nice...

AND!!! There was a boss who was cheeky enough to ask about our work progress when her own team had not even started doing anything!

Plus something I overheard at a hotel cafe' sometime ago, some makcik behind me;

A : You know, I heard Alia, my husband's former secretary is *pregnant*... no husband some more, tsk, what a shame!
B : Eh, yakah? So pretty yet so bodoh heh? But she so nice oh? Who told you?
A : C la who else. Now Alia work at her husband's construction firm. Biasa la. Cover only mah... Eh where is C ha, so late as usual!

...after a while, a BIG FAT YELLOW lady arrived...

C : Hey A, you know what I just heard? Now I know who the father to her baby! Eh sorry la lambat.
A : It's ok, who lah?
C : Orang Kaya X, ala...the one who got a Car Retail business ba...
A : Oi C you dont play2, my laki is Haji X also...same business,...
B : *ayak* C! I think A pengsan lah!

lol! I was supposed to pity aunty A but the scene was rather comedic. Padan muka, all I have to say;


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