Tuesday, September 1, 2009


wtf~I hate it when;
- people make STUPID fun of me, term unapropriate, period
- some BOSS make me look like an idiot, I'll bite back one fine day
- people MESSED UP, smear shit about my name, and act like nothing happened when confronted
- I'm lied to AND no guilt displayed/can't you drama a bit?
- I'm always the one to BLAME
- nobody appreciate ME
- I done good YET people still think I'm bad, not that I care, just...you know
- I know youth NEVER repeats
- people don't know how to SAY SORRY

*go figure what I actually tried to tell you, CAPS?*


dukunlintah plk said...

hey.. rule #1. boss never wrong
rule #2. if boss were wrong, pls refer rule #1.
get it!!

haha :p

cheer up.. cacak jak dahi boss ngan gerpu.. erkk maka bulan puasa.. hehe :p

joynstar said...

some people remain moron up till the end.

BangSaTTkardioVaskular said...

Mesti ada Sebab bah... hehehehe.